As with all industries, a permanent and sustained competitiveness is also a vital factor in the transport industry. 


Yet, what adjustments can a carrier still make in this tough industry to maintain its success in the market?


We focus on fuel economy as the path to optimization, and in the following we will explain our strategy for achieving this goal.




Most innovations come from small and medium-sized companies*—not from the manufactures themselves, and this is where we come into play!


We optimize the efficiency of combustion engines, thereby achieving fuel savings of 5—7% on the average. In some profiles, even considerably higher savings can be achieved.


The appliance can be installed in about three quarters of an hour.





Measuring the fuel consumption is a challenging task! You’d be wrong if you were to use just two parameters—the fuel quantity and the kilometers driven. Measurements must be taken under comparable conditions. However, not everyone is aware of this fact.


We have state-of-the-art equipment to professionally measure fuel consumption and the technical know-how to evaluate telematics systems of different manufacturers (truck and accessory manufacturers).


Source: German business news magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” *